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Amtrak's Acela Express Service

Acela Express

Richmond, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, New Haven, Boston
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Train Name->                       Acela     Acela     Acela     Acela                                
                                  Express   Express   Express   Express                               
Train Number->                     2171      2259      2173      2193                                 
Days of Operation->                Mo-Fr      Su       Mo-Fr     Mo-Fr                                
Will also Operate->                            #                                                      
Will not Operate->                   %         &         %         %                                  
Boston, MA  South Sta.       0      3:15P     4:10P     4:30P     5:20p                               
Boston, MA  Back Bay         1    R 3:20P   R 4:15P   R 4:35p   R 5:25p                               
Route 128, MA               11    R 3:29P   R 4:24P   R 4:44P   R 5:34P                               
Providence, RI              43      3:50P     4:49P     5:05P     5:55P                               
Kingston, RI                70                                                                        
Westerly, RI                87                                                                        
Mystic, CT                  96                                                                        
New London, CT             105                                                                        
Old Saybrook, CT           123                                                                        
+ Springfield, MA           98                                                                        
+ Windsor Locks, CT        113                                                                        
+ Windsor, CT              117                                                                        
+ Hartford, CT             123                                                                        
+ Berlin, Ct               134                                                                        
+ Meriden, CT              141                                                                        
+ Wallingford, CT          147                                                                        
+ New Haven, CT            156 Ar                                                                     
                           156 Ar                                                                     
New Haven, CT                  Dp   5:18P     6:18P     6:38P     7:32p                               
Bridgeport, CT             173                                                                        
Stamford, CT               195      5:57P     6:57P     7:17P     8:02P                               
New Rochelle, NY           212                                                                        
New York, NY (Penn Sta)    231 Ar   6:45P     7:45P     8:05P     8:50P                               
                               Dp   7:00P     8:00P     8:15P                                         
Newark, NJ                 241      7:14P     8:14P     8:29P                                         
Newark Int'l Apt           244                                                                        
Metropark, NJ              255                8:27P                                                   
New Brunswick, NJ          263                                                                        
Princeton Jct, NJ          279                                                                        
Trenton, NJ                289                                                                        
Cornwells Heights, PA      305                                                                        
North Philadelphia, PA     318                                                                        
Philadelphia, PA (30th St) 322 Ar                                                                     
                               Dp   7:07P     9:12P      9:22P                                        
Wilmington, DE             347      8:26P     9:31P      9:41P                                        
Newark, NJ                 359                                                                        
Aberdeen, MD               386                                                                        
Baltimore, MD (Penn Sta)   416      9:09P    10:15P     10:24P                                        
BWI Airport, MD            427      9:21P    10:27P     10:36P                                        
New Carrollton, MD         448                                                                        
Washington, DC             457 Ar   9:45P    10:50P     11:00P                                        
Alexandria, VA             465                                                                        
Franconia/Springfield, VA  471                                                                        
Woodbridge, VA             481                                                                        
Quantico, VA               491                                                                        
Fredericksburg, VA         511                                                                        
Ashland, VA                555                                                                        
   Staples Mill Rd.        566 Ar                                                                     
   Staples Mill Rd.            Dp                                                                     
Richmond, VA (Main St)     574                                                                        
Williamsburg, VA           621                                                                        
Newport News, VA           644 Ar                                                                     

* 5/27; 7/4; 9/2 % 5/28; 7/4; 9/3 & 5/27; 9/2 # 5/28; 9/3 D=Stops only to discharge passengers L=Stops to recieve & discharge passengers; train may leave before time shown R=Stops only to recieve passengers For specific onboard services, please go to (2K) These schedules are unofficial, but are authorized by Amtrak. Official schedules are available at
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