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Schedule effective: April 2, 2007

Reservations required on all trains. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.


Amtrak's Crescent

New York - Washington - Charlotte -
Atlanta - Birmingham - New Orleans

Reservations required.


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    19             Train Number                20
   Daily           Days of Operation          Daily
          Mile                                    .
   2:15p    0  Dp  New York  (ET)       Ar    2:02p
 P 2:37p   10      Newark, NJ               D 1:43p
 P 3:15p   58      Trenton, NJ              D 1:03p
 P 3:55p   91      Philadelphia, PA         D12:25p
 P 4:19p  116      Wilmington, DE           D12:01p
 P 5:17p  185      Baltimore, MD            D11:12a
 P 6:30p  225  Dp                       Ar  D10:10a
   6:49p  233      Alexandria, VA           D 9:43a
   7:22p  258      Manassas, VA               8:46a
 F 7:55p  293      Culpeper, VA             F 8:12a
   8:52p  337      Charlottesville, VA        7:20a
  10:06p  398      Lynchburg, VA              6:07a
  11:14p  461      Danville, VA               4:57a
  12:15a  512  Ar  Greensboro, NC       Dp    3:58a
  12:22a       Dp   (Winston-Salem, NC) Ar    3:51a
  12:39a  524      High Point, NC             3:30a
   1:17a  559      Salisbury, NC              2:49a
   2:20a  601  Ar  Charlotte, NC        Dp    2:03a
   2:45a       Dp                       Ar    1:38a
 F 3:12a  623      Gastonia, NC             F12:56a
   4:14a  678      Spartanburg, SC           11:56p
   4:54a  709  Ar  Greenville, SC       Dp   11:15p
   5:01a       Dp                       Ar   11:10p
   5:39a  739      Clemson, SC               10:33p
 F 6:15a  773      Toccoa, GA               F 9:57p
   6:58a  810      Gainesville, GA            9:16p
 T 8:13a  859  Ar  Atlanta, GA (ET)     Dp  T 8:21p
   8:38a       Dp                       Ar    7:53p
  10:00a  959      Anniston, AL (CT)          4:17p
  11:44a 1023  Ar  Birmingham, AL       Dp    2:44p
  12:02p       Dp                       Ar    2:36p
   1:11p 1078      Tuscaloosa, AL             1:01p
   2:50p 1175      Meridian, MS              11:24a
 F 3:47p 1231      Laurel, MS               F10:22a
   4:19p 1260      Hattiesburg, MS            9:47a
 F 5:21p 1324      Picayune, MS             F 8:40a
 F 5:44p 1342      Slidell, LA              F 8:17a
   7:23p 1377  Ar  New Orleans, LA      Dp    7:20a
D -- Stops to discharge passengers only.
F -- Stops only on signal or advance notice to conductor.
P -- Stops to receive passengers only.
T -- Direct transfer between train and motorcoach at Amtrak station
     for connecting passengers only. 

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Connecting Local Services

MARTA subway & bus: (404) 848-4800;
New Orleans
Regional Transit Authority streetcar & bus: (504) 248-3900;

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Services on the Crescent

  • Coaches: Reservations required.
  • Sleeping Cars:
    • First Class Viewliner® Service.
    • Reservations required.
    • Meals included.
    • Amtrak's ClubAcela available in New York, Philadelphia and Washington and private waiting area available in New Orleans, for First Class Service passengers.
  • Dining Car: Full meal service.
  • Lounge: Sandwiches, snacks and beverages
  • Trails and Rails Program: In a cooperative effort with the National Park Service, an interpretive guide provides a narrative along the route. Visit for details.
  • No Smoking: Smoking is entirely prohibited on these trains. Passengers may smoke on station platforms as announced by train crews, and must remain next to the train, ready to board immediately upon hearing the locomotive horn and verbal ``All Aboard'' calls.
  • Checked baggage: Handled at New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, Washington, Alexandria, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Greensboro, Charlotte, Greenville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Meridian, and New Orleans.

Scenic Highlights

  • Vibrant Northeast cityscapes
  • Blue Ridge foothills
  • Louisiana bayou country
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