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Schedule effective: April 2, 2007

Reservations required on all trains. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.


Amtrak's Auto Train®


(Washington, D.C.) Lorton--Sanford (Orlando, FL)

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Reservations required. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, 1-877-SKIP-I-95, or visit for reservations and fare information.

Only passengers with automobiles (including vans) or motorcycles permitted.

For information on auto size restrictions, availability of space for vans, and for reservations, phone 1-877-SKIP-I-95, or see your travel agent.

Services on the Auto Train®

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Train #53  Daily
          miles   station
   4:00p     0  Dp Lorton, VA    (autos must be checked in by 3:00pm
   8:30a   855  Ar Sanford, FL    Oversized vehicles/motorcycles and trailers by 2:00pm)

Train #52  Daily
          miles   station
   4:00p     0  Dp Sanford, FL    (autos must be checked in by 3:00
   8:30a   855  Ar Lorton, VA      Oversized vehicles/motorcycles and trailers by 2:00pm)

IMPORTANT: Auto Train® departs each terminal at 4:00pm, but vans will not be accepted after 2:00pm and automobiles will not be accepted after 3:00pm.

Automobile restrictions apply

  • Autos must have 4 inches ground clearance and must not exceed 65 inches high. Autos exceeding height restrictions must reserve oversized vehicle space. Low ground restrictions, which include custom or low profile wheels, may be refused.
  • A limited number of spaces are available to handle oversize vehicles; these must be specifically reserved in advance. Maximum height for oversized vehicles is 89 inches. Maximum width from outsides of tires is 84 inches.
  • Motorcycles can now be carried on Auto Train®. Only factory-standard, two-wheel motorcycles can be accepted. All motorcycles must have at least 5 inches clearance between the lowest portion of the frame and the bottom of the tires. Motorcycles with windshields cannot exceed 57.5 inches in height. Motorcycles with sidecars are not permitted. Passengers must assist with securing and removing their motorcycles.
  • Amtrak cannot carry autos with temporary luggage racks or bicycle racks or with luggage or bicycles loaded on roof. Empty factory-installed racks are acceptable if they fit within the specified height limit.
  • There is no access to automobiles once they are loaded onto the train: passengers should carry an overnight bag on board including any necessities for the train trip.

Superliner® Services on board Auto Train®

  • Coaches:
    • Reservations required.
    • Complimentary dinner and continental breakfast available in diner.
  • Sleeping Cars:
    • First Class Superliner® service.
    • Reservations required.
    • Deluxe, special, family, and economy bedrooms.
    • Complimentary dinner with wine and continental breakfast.
  • Dining Car -- Complete dinners and continental breakfast.
  • Lounge Car -- Snacks, and beverages
  • Video entertainment -- Feature movies in lounge cars
  • Railfone -- Public telephone service available..
  • Baggage:
    • No checked baggage on the Auto Train®.
    • Passengers may carry an overnight bag on board
    • Baggage may be packed and locked inside your automobile
  • Smoking -- Smoking is permitted only in a closed room on the lower level of the lounge cars.
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