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Amtrak's Maple Leaf

New York - Albany - Syracuse - Buffalo -
Niagara Falls - Toronto

Reservations required. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.

Services on the Maple Leaf.
Connections with the Maple Leaf.

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    R63              Train Number                   R64  
   Daily             Days of Operation             Daily 
 Read Down                                        Read up
 190/R150            Connecting Train No.          R169
   3:15a      0  Dp  Washington, DC        Ar      1:29a
   3:55a     40      Baltimore, MD                12:40a
   4:50a    109      Wilmington, DE               11:50p
   5:15a    135      Philadelphia, PA             11:27p  
   5:45a    167      Trenton, NJ                  11:00p
   6:22a    215      Newark, NJ                   10:22p
   6:40a a  225  Ar  New York, NY (Penn Sta) Dp   10:05p
   7:15a      0  Dp  New York, NY (Penn Sta) Ar    9:45p 
 M 7:39a     14      Yonkers, NY                 M 9:12p 
 M 7:58a     32      Croton-Harmon, NY           M 8:53p
 M 8:37a     73      Poughkeepsie, NY            M 8:16p 
   8:52a     88      Rhinecliff-Kingston, NY       8:01p 
   9:15a    114      Hudson, NY                    7:40p  
   9:45a    141  Ar  Albany/Rensselaer, NY   Dp    7:15p
  10:00a	 Dp                                Ar    7:00p
  10:23a    159      Schenectady, NY               6:15p 
  10:40a    177      Amsterdam, NY                 5:35p 
  11:39a    237      Utica, NY                     4:57p 
  11:53a    250      Rome, NY                      4:35p  
  12:40p    291      Syracuse, NY                  3:50p  
   1:58p    370      Rochester, NY                 2:27p
   2:56p    431      Buffalo/Depew, NY             1:25p  
   3:09p    437      Buffalo/Exchange St., NY      1:10p
   4:10p    460  Ar  Niagara Falls, NY       Dp  X12:35p   

VX 4:30p    462  Ar  Niagara Falls, ON       Dp  V10:30a 
 V 5:45p         Dp                          Ar  V10:21a 
 V 6:07p    473      St. Catharines, ON          V10:00a  
 V 6:25p    488      Grimsby, ON                 V 9:41a  
 V 7:00p    512      Aldershot, ON               V 9:10a  
 V 7:15p    523      Oakville, ON                V 8:56a 
 V 7:44p    544  Ar  Toronto, ON             Dp  V 8:30a

M -- No local passengers carried between New York and Yonkers, Croton-Harmon,
     and Poughkeepsie.  Metro-North Railroad provides frequent service between
     these stations, and to Grand Central Terminal in New York.
R -- Reservations required on this train.
V -- This station is operated by VIA Rail Canada.  For further information
     contact VIA.
X -- Customs and Immigration inspection.

This train is operated by VIA Rail Canada between Niagara Falls, ON and Toronto. Amtrak/VIA through fares and ticketing available.

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