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Schedule effective: April 2, 2007

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Amtrak's Empire Service

Harrisburg - Lancaster - Philadelphia - New York
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Train Name                     Keystone Keystone Keystone Keystone Keystone Keystone Keystone Keystone
Train Number                     Re640    Re600    Re660    Re642    Re662    Re644    Re664    Re646 
Days of Operation                Mo-Fr    Mo-Fr    SaSu     Mo-Fr      Sa     Mo-Fr    SaSu     Mo-Fr 
Will also Operate                                   #                  %                #             
Will not Operate                   #        #                 #                 #                 #   
Harrisburg, PA          0  Dp    5:00a    6:30a    7:20a    8:00a    8:20a    9:00a    9:30a   10:00a 
Middletown, PA         10        5:10a    6:40a    7:30a             8:30a    9:10a    9:40a          
Elizabethtown, PA      18        5:17a    6:47a    7:37a    8:16a    8:37a    9:17a    9:47a   10:16a 
Mount Joy, PA          25        5:23a    6:53a    7:43a             8:43a             9:53a          
Lancaster, PA          37        5:35a    7:06a    7:55a    8:32a    8:55a    9:33a   10:03a   10:32a 
Parkesburg, PA         60        5:54a    7:25a    8:14a             9:14a    9:51a                   
Coatesville, PA        66        5:59a    7:30a    8:19a             9:19a                            
Downingtown, PA        72        6:05a    7:37a    8:25a             9:25a   10:01a   10:30a          
Exton, PA              77        6:11a    7:44a    8:32a             9:32a   10:07a   10:36a          
Paoli, PA              85        6:19a    7:53a    8:41a    9:10a    9:41a   10:16a   10:45a   11:10a 
Ardmore, PA            96        6:31a             8:53a             9:53a                            
Philadelphia, PA      104  Ar    6:45a    8:19a    9:09a    9:35a   10:09a   10:41a   11:10a   11:35a 
                           Dp    7:00A    8:30a    9:23a    9:45a   10:25a   10:55a   11:25a   11:45a 
No. Philadelphia, PA  109        7:10A                                                                
Cornwell Hts., PA     121        7:22A                                                                
Trenton, NJ           137        7:35A +  9:00a    9:52a    10:11a   10:55a  11:23a   11:55a   12:12p 
Princeton Jct., NJ    146              +          10:00a    10:18a   11:03a  11:31a            12:20p 
New Brunswick, NJ     162              +                                                              
Metropark, NJ         170              +  9:25a                                                       
Newark Intl Airp, NJ  182              +  9:35a  L10:25a                                              
Newark, NJ            185      L 8:07A +L 9:40a  L10:30a  L10:46a  L11:37a  L12:01p  L12:17p  L12:51p 
New York, NY          195  Ar    8:26A +  9:58a   10:48a   11:07a   11:55a   12:19p   12:46p    1:11p 
+ -- Train No. 130                                                                                    
^ -- Train No. 188                                                                                    
( -- Train No. 182                                                                                    
@ -- Train No. 198                                                                                    
! -- Train No. 66                                                                                     
D -- Train stops to discharge passengers,                                                             
# -- Train will also/will not operate 5/28; 7/4; 9/3                                                  
% -- Train will also/will not operate 7/4                                                             
& -- Train will also/will not operate 5/28; 9/3                                                       
F -- Stops only on signal,or advance notice to the conductor.                                         
L -- Train may leave before the time shown.                                                           
Re - Reservations required between Philadelphia and New York.                                    (2K) These schedules are unofficial, but are authorized by Amtrak. Official schedules are available at
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