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Schedule effective: April 2, 2007

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Amtrak's Hiawatha Service

Chicago - Glenview - Sturtevant - Milwaukee

Services on these trains.

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Train Number                 329     331     333     335     337     339     341        
Days of Operation           Mo-Sa   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily       
Chicago,IL  CT      0  Dp   6:00a   8:25a  10:20a   1:05p   3:15p   5:08p   8:05p       
Glenview,IL        18       6:22a   8:47a  10:42a   1:27p   3:37p   5:32p   8:27p       
Sturtevant,WI      62       7:00a   9:25a  11:20a   2:05p   4:15p   6:14p   9:05p       
Milwaukee Airport  78       7:14a   9:39a  11:34a   2:19p   4:29p   6:28p   9:19p       
Milwaukee          86  Ar   7:29a   9:54a  11:49a   2:34p   4:44p   6:45p   9:34p
Train Number                330     332     334     336     338     340     342         
Days of Operation          Mo-Sa   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily        
Milwaukee, WI       0  Dp   6:15a   8:00a  10:50a   1:00p   3:00p   5:45p   7:30p       
Milwaukee Airport   8       6:26a   8:10a  11:00a   1:100   3:10p   5:55p   7:40p       
Sturtevant, WI     24       6:43a   8:23a  11:13a   1:23p   3:23p   6:08p   7:53p       
Glenview IL        68       7:25a   9:01a  11:51a   2:01p   4:01p   6:46p   8:31p       
Chicago IL    CT   86   Ar  7:57a   9:29a  12:19p   2:29p   4:29p   7:14p   8:59p

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Commuter Rail and Rapid Transit Connections

  • Chicago
    • METRA commuter rail: (312) 836-7000
    • Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) subway and bus: (312) 836-7000.
  • CTA connections to Chicago Airports
    • Midway: Orange Line elevated trains leave from the elevated station at the corner of Quincy and Wells streets, three blocks east of Union Station. Pay fare in elevated station.
    • O'Hare: Blue Line subway trains leave from the subway station at the corner of Clinton and Congress streets, two blocks south of Union Station. Pay fare in subway station.

    Services On Hiawatha Trains:

    • Coaches -- Unreserved coach seating
    • Baggage -- Checked baggage service and Amtrak Express Shipping are available at Chicago and Milwaukee.
    • Smoking -- Smoking is prohibited onboard these trains.
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