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Amtrak's Texas Eagle

Chicago-St. Louis-Little Rock-Dallas-Fort Worth-
Austin-San Antonio-El Paso-Tucson-Los Angeles

Amtrak's Sunset Limited connections

Los Angeles-(Phoenix)-Tucson-San Antonio-New Orleans-Jacksonville-Orlando

Reservations required.

Scenic Highlights along the route.
Connecting services.
Services on these trains.

The Texas Eagle operates daily between Chicago and San Antonio. Through coach and sleeping car departs Chicago on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, for San Antonio and Los Angeles (via train #1 San Antonio-Los Angeles). Through coach and sleeping car departs Los Angeles in train #2 for San Antonio and Chicago on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. No change of trains is required at San Antonio. See Chicago-St. Louis schedules for additional service between Chicago and St. Louis.

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       Texas            Train Name                       Texas 
       Eagle                                             Eagle 
      21/421              Train Number                  22/422      
       Daily            Train Operates                   Daily
    (read down)                                        (read up)
       2:00p     0  Dp  Chicago, IL Union Sta.(CT)  Ar   2:14p
     R 2:55p    37      Joliet, IL                   D   1:11p
       3:42p    92      Pontiac, IL                     12:14p
       4:19p   124      Bloomington-Normal, IL          11:43a
       4:52p   156      Lincoln, IL                     11:00a
       5:29p   185      Springfield, IL                 10:30a
     F 6:04p   237      Carlinville, IL                F 9:50a
       6:37p   257      Alton, IL                        9:18a
       7:36p   284  Ar  St. Louis, MO             Dp     8:30a
       7:45p        Dp                            Ar     7:39a
      11:42p   453      Poplar Bluff, MO                 2:39a
      12:37a   513      Walnut Ridge, AR                 1:36a
       3:10a   634      Little Rock, AR                 11:34p
     F 3:55a   677      Malvern/Hot Springs N.P. AR   F 10:21p
     F 4:40a   694      Arkadelphia, AR               F  9:57p
       5:58a   774      Texarkana, AR/TX                 8:43p
       8:15a   840      Marshall, TX                     7:31p
       9:00a   864      Longview, TX                     6:15p
                     (Houston, Shreveport - See below)
       9:50a   912      Mineola, TX                      5:15p
      12:00n   991  Ar  Dallas, TX                  Dp   3:40p
      12:20p        Dp                              Ar   3:30p
       1:55p  1022  Ar  Fort Worth, TX              Dp   2:30p
       2:40p        Dp   (Oklahoma City, OK)        Ar   2:08p
       3:22p  1051      Cleburne, TX                     1:00p
       4:30p  1125      McGregor, TX (Waco)             11:51a
       5:13p  1150      Temple, TX  (Ft. Hood - Below)  11:25a     
       6:16p  1188      Taylor, TX                      10:22a
       7:10p  1223      Austin, TX                       9:31a
       7:52p  1253      San Marcos, TX                   8:32a
      10:35p  1306  Ar  San Antonio, TX     (CT)    Dp   7:00a

       Daily            Train Operates                   Daily

       Sunset Limited connection from/to New Orleans and Orlando.
     Texas Eagle equipment operates in the Sunset Limited consist.

     Texas Eagle/        Train Name                  Texas Eagle/
   Sunset Limited                                  Sunset Limited
       21/1             Train Number                     2/22      
      TuThSa            Train operates                  TuFrSu 
       5:40a  1306  Dp  San Antonio          (CT)  Ar   10:25p 
                     (Brownsville, Laredo - See below)
       8:35a  1475      Del Rio, TX                      6:37p
     F11:10a  1601      Sanderson, TX                  F 4:11p
       1:24p  1692      Alpine, TX           (CT)        2:20p
       5:10p  1910  Ar  El Paso, TX          (MT)  Dp    9:00a
       5:55p        Dp                             Ar    8:16a
     F 7:26p  1998      Deming, NM                     F 6:15a
     F 8:21p  2058      Lordsburg, NM                  F 5:20a
     F 9:26p  2176      Benson, AZ           (MT)      F 2:20a
      11:05p  2226      Tucson, AZ                       1:20a
                          (Phoenix - See below)
       1:32a  2312      Maricopa, AZ                    10:17p
       1:19a  2477      Yuma, AZ             (MT)        7:24p
       6:37a  2622      Palm Springs, CA     (PT)        5:06p
     D 8:05a  2689      Ontario, CA                      3:24p
     D 8:15a  2696      Pomona, CA                       3:11p
      10:10a  2728      Los Angeles, CA      (PT)        2:30p
      WeFrSu            Train Operates                  SuWeFr

F -- Train stops only on signal, or advance notice to conductor.
D -- Stops only to discharge passengers.
R -- Stops only to receive passengers.

Time shown for Arizona stations is Standard Time.  This location does 
not observe Daylight Saving Time.  Local time will be one hour earlier 
from the first Sunday in April through the last Saturday in October.

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Connecting Services

Connecting Rail Services

Amtrak Thruway Connecting Services:

Longview - Shreveport, LA

   6421       Thruway Bus Number            6422
   Daily      Days of Operation             Daily
    R21       Connecting Train Number        R22

 R 7:15a  Dp  Shreveport, LA          Ar  D 7:45p
  8:30a  Ar  Longview, TX            Dp    6:25p

   6121       Thruway Bus Number            6122
   Daily      Days of Operation             Daily
    R21       Connecting Train Number        R22


   9:10a  Dp  Longview, TX            Ar    5:45p
  10:30a  Ar  Shreveport, LA          Dp  R 4:30p

D -- Stops only to discharge passenger.
R -- Stops only to pick up passengers

Service operated by C.J. Limo.

Longview - Houston - Galveston

   6021       Thruway Bus Number            6022
   Daily      Days of Operation             Daily
    R21       Connecting Train Number        R22

   9:10a  Dp  Longview, TX      (CT)  Ar    5:40p
  10:35p  Ar  Nacogdoches, TX         Dp    4:25p
 D 1:45p  Ar  Houston, TX             Dp  R 1:05p

   3:00p  Ar  Galveston, TX           Dp   11:45p

D -- Stops only to discharge passenger.
R -- Stops only to pick up passengers.

Operated by Lone Star Coach.

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Fort Hood - Killeen - Temple

   8822   8821         Thruway Bus Number          8722    8721
   Daily  Daily        Days of Operation           Daily   Daily
    R22    R21         Connecting Train Number      R22     R21
   9:45a   3:45p  Dp   Fort Hood - Bldg. 108  Ar  12:45p   6:45p
  10:00a   4:00p  Dp   Killeen                Ar  12:30p   6:30p
  10:45a   4:45p  Ar   Temple                 Dp  11:45a   5:45p

Operated by Southwestern Coaches.

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Superliner® Service on board the Texas Eagle:

  • No change of trains required at San Antonio. Texas Eagle-California Service operates as one train through between Chicago and Los Angeles. On other days, through coach and sleeping car operate via Texas Eagle between Chicago and San Antonio.
  • Coaches -- Reservations required.
  • Sleeping Cars:
    • Reservations Required.
    • Bedrooms, roomettes, family room, accessible room.
    • First Class Service includes complimentary meals, bedtime sweet, morning wake-up service with a newspaper, and coffee, tea, and orange juice served between 6:30 AM and 9:30 AM.
    • Amtrak's Metropolitan Lounge is available in Chicago for First Class passengers.
  • Dining car -- Complete meals featuring regional specialities. Dining car in operation between Chicago-Austin; snack service only in lounge car Austin-San Antonio.
  • Sightseer Lounge -- Sandwiches, snacks, beverages and souvenirs.
  • Entertainment -- Feature movies.
  • Trails and Rails Program -- In a cooperative effort with the National Park Service, an interpretive guide provides a narrative along the route segment between Chicago and St. Louis (Summer only) and between Fort Worth and San Antonio.
  • Baggage -- Checked baggage handled at Chicago, Bloomington-Normal, Springfield, St. Louis, Little Rock, Longview, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Los Angeles.
  • Smoking -- Smoking is prohibited entirely on this train. Passengers may smoke on station platforms as announced by train crews and must remain next to the train, ready to reboard immediately upon hearing the sound of the locomotive horn and verbal "All Aboard" calls.

Superliner Service on the Sunset Limited:

  • Availiable on days the Sunset Limited operates through, San Antonio - Los Angeles.
  • Coaches -- Reservations required.
  • Sleeping Cars -- Reservations Required.
  • Dining Car -- Complete meals.
  • Sightseer Lounge -- Sandwiches, snacks, and beverages.
  • Entertainment -- Feature movies.
  • Baggage -- Checked baggage is handled on this train.
  • Smoking -- No smoking on this train.

Scenic Highlights

  • Cross the mighty Mississippi River.
  • Travel through the Ozark Mountains.
  • View the piney woods of East Texas.
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