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Schedule effective: April 7, 2007

Reservations required on all trains. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.


Amtrak's Empire Builder

Chicago - St. Paul - Spokane - Portland/Seattle

Reservations required.

See Pacific Northwest Services for additional Washington - Idaho service
See Cascades Corridor for Vancouver - Seattle - Portland - Eugene service.

Scenic Highlights along the route.
Connecting Services.
Services on the Empire Builder.

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      7              Train Number                                8         
    Daily            Days of Operation                         Daily       
  Read down                                                   Read up      
           miles                                                   .
    2:15p     0  Dp  Chicago, IL, Union Sta. *        CT Ar    3:55p       
  P 2:39p    18      Glenview, IL (METRA/Milw. line)         D 3:12p       
  P 3:55p    86      Milwaukee, WI                           D 2:07p       
    5:05p   150      Columbus, WI (Madison)                   12:57p       
    5:34p   178      Portage, WI                    @         12:27p       
    5:52p   195      Wisconsin Dells, WI            @         12:09p       
    6:30p   240      Tomah, WI                      @         11:28a       
    7:14p   281      La Crosse, WI                            10:47a       
    7:50p   308      Winona, MN                               10:11a       
    8:52p   371      Red Wing, MN                   @          8:54a       
   10:31p   417  Ar  St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN *          Dp    7:50a       
  B10:50p        Dp                                      Ar  B 7:30a       
   12:15a   482      St. Cloud, MN                  @          5:29a       
    1:17a   548      Staples, MN                    @          4:24a       
    2:13a   610      Detroit Lakes, MN              @          3:25a       
    3:10a   658      Fargo, ND (Moorhead)                      2:28a       
    4:27a   732      Grand Forks, ND                           1:12a       
    5:48a   817      Devils Lake, ND                @         11:47p       
    6:42a   874      Rugby, ND                      &         10:53p   
    8:24a   935  Ar  Minot, ND                            Dp   9:57p       
    8:51a        Dp                                       Ar   9:37p       
    9:42a   989      Stanley, ND                    @          8:11p       
   10:52a  1055      Williston, ND                  @ CT       7:09p       
   11:26a  1162      Wolf Point, MT                 @ MT       4:33p       
   12:11p  1211      Glasgow, MT                    @          3:47p       
    1:10p  1277      Malta, MT                      @          2:52p       
    2:24p  1366  Ar  Havre, MT                            Dp   1:32p       
    2:49p        Dp                                       Ar   1:12p       
  B 5:22p  1471      Shelby, MT (Great Falls, Butte)         B11:43a       
    5:51p  1495      Cut Bank, MT                   @         10:45a       
  Y        1528      Browning, MT                   @        Y             
  X 6:45p  1542      East Glacier Park, MT *                 X 9:54a       
  F 7:41p  1578      Essex, MT-Izaak Walton Inn *   @        F 8:55a       
    8:23p  1599      West Glacier, MT (Apgar) *     @          8:16a       
    8:56p  1620  Ar  Whitefish, MT (Kalispell) *          Dp   7:46a       
    9:16p        Dp                                       Ar   7:26a       
   10:59p  1723      Libby, MT                      @ MT       5:36a       
   11:49p  1812      Sandpoint, ID                  @ PT       2:37a       
    1:40a  1877  Ar  Spokane, WA (Coeur d'Alene, ID) *    Dp   1:15a       
    2:15a        Dp                                       Ar  12:32a       
    4:28a  1996      Ephrata, WA                    @          9:42p       
    5:38a  2048      Wenatchee, WA                  @          8:42p       
    8:36a  2173      Everett, WA                               5:44p       
    9:08a  2188      Edmonds, WA                               5:17p       
  B10:20a  2206  Ar  Seattle, WA *                    PT  Dp B 4:45p       
              (Victoria, BC via connecting ferry service)          .
    Train                                                      Train       
     27              Through cars, Chicago - Portland           28         
    2:45a  1877  Dp  Spokane, WA                          Ar  12:28a       
    5:35a  2025      Pasco, WA (Kennewick, Richland)           8:57p       
    7:30a  2151      Wishram, WA (The Dalles)       @          6:55p       
    8:04a  2182      Bingen-White Salmon, WA        @          6:21p       
    9:18a  2247      Vancouver, WA                             5:07p       
  B10:25a  2257  Ar  Portland, OR *                   PT  Dp B 4:45p

B -- Amtrak Thruway Bus connection available.  See Connecting Services.
D -- Train stops only to discharge passengers.
F -- Train stops only on signal or advance notice to conductor.
P -- Train stops only to receive passengers.
X -- East Glacier Park Station will be open May 1 through October 2.
Y -- Browning Station will reopen October 3, 2006.
* -- Amtrak's Great American Vacation package(s) available at this
     destination. See Amtrak's web or call 1-800-321-8684 for more details.
@ -- Tickets cannot be purchased at this location.  You may purchase your
     tickets on the train (without penalty) or from any Amtrak appointed
     travel agency.
  -- Ticket office available, but not open for all departure times.

Note: All stations and/or platforms are accessible todisabled and elderly passengers except Staples, Detroit Lakes, Browning, Essex, and West Glacier. Please call 1-800-USA-RAIL to make special arrangements if boarding/detraining assistance is required.

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Connecting Services:

Rail Links

  • Metra Chicago area commuter rail.
  • Cascade Corridor (Eugene - Portland - Seattle - Vancouver)
  • Sounder commuter rail service connections at Seattle.

Amtrak Thruway Connections

Minneapolis/St. Paul - Duluth

  R8007           Bus Number                              R8008
        miles                                                 .
  2:55p    0  Dp  Duluth, MN                         Ar   3:15p
  3:25p           Cloquet, MN                             2:45p
  5:10p           Sandstone,. MN                          1:15p
  7:10p  149  Ar  Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (CT)      Dp  11:00a

R -- All reserved bus.

Fargo - Winnipeg
Fargo - Sioux Falls - Omaha

  • Jefferson Lines operates local bus service from Fargo. For more information visit Jefferson Lines website.
    • Operated by Jefferson Lines.

    Whitefish - Kalispell - Missoula

  • Purchase tickets from Rimrock Trailways. (406) 453-1541.
    • Operated by Rimrock Trailways.

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    Superliner® Services on board the Empire Builder:

    • Coaches -- Reservations required.
    • Sleeping cars:
      • Reservations required.
      • First Class Superliner Service.
      • Deluxe, special, family, and economy bedrooms.
      • First class service includes complimentary meals, bedtime sweet, and morning wake-up service with a newspaper, coffee, tea, and orange juice served between 6:30 am and 9:30 am.
      • Amtrak's Metropolitan Lounge is available in Chicago for First Class Service passengers.
    • Dining Car:
      • Complete meals.
      • Not available between Spokane and Portland. First Class passengers will receive complimentary cold meal service.
    • Sightseer Lounge -- Sandwiches, snacks and beverages. (Combined diner/lounge provides food services between Spokane and Seattle.)
    • Entertainment -- Feature movies offered between Chicago and Portland.
    • Trails and Rails Program -- In a cooperative effort with the National Park Service volunteer rangers provide narrative along the route (Spring/Summer).
    • Checked Baggage -- Available at all stations except Glenview, Columbus, Portage, Wisconsin Dells, Tomah, La Crosse, Winona, Red Wing, St. Cloud, Staples, Detroit Lakes, Devils Lake, Rugby, Stanley, Williston, Wolf Point, Glasgow, Malta, Cut Bank, Browning, East Glacier Park, Essex, West Glacier Park, Libby, Sandpoint, Wishram, Bingen-White Salmon, Ephrata, and Wenatchee.
    • Smoking -- Smoking is prohibited entirely on this train. Passengers may smoke on station platforms as announced by train crews, and must remain next to the train, ready to reboard immediately upon hearing the sound of the locomotive horn and verbal "All Aboard" calls.

    Scenic Highlights

    • Wisconsin Dells
    • Mississippi River
    • Rocky Mountains
    • Glacier National Park, Montana
    • Gateway to Mount Rainier, Washington
    • Columbia River Gorge
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