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Schedule effective: April 7, 2007

Reservations required on all trains. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.


Amtrak's California Zephyr

Chicago-Denver-San Francisco

Reservations required.

Scenic Highlights along the route.
Connecting services.
Services on the California Zephyr.

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    5              Train Number                                 6
  Daily            Days of Operation                          Daily
Read Down                                                    Read Up
         miles                                                    .
  1:50p     0  Dp  Chicago, IL-Union Station    *  (CT) Ar    3:30p
M 2:24p    28      Naperville, IL (Metra/BN Line)           M 1:47p
  3:34p   104      Princeton, IL                             12:35p
  4:28p   162      Galesburg, IL-S. Seminary St.             11:44a
  5:15p   205      Burlington, IA                            10:56a
  5:49p   233      Mt. Pleasant, IA                          10:24a
  6:43p   279      Ottumwa, IA                                9:39a
  7:59p   359      Osceola, IA (Des Moines)                   8:10a
  8:31p   392      Creston, IA                                7:34a
 10:19p   500  Ar  Omaha, NE  (Kansas City)             Dp    5:44a
 10:39p        Dp                                       Ar    5:29a
 12:18a   555  Ar  Lincoln, NE                          Dp    4:17a
 12:34a        Dp                                       Ar    3:11a
  1:57a   652      Hastings, NE (Grand Island)                1:57a
  2:44a   706      Holdrege, NE                               1:09a
  3:53a   783      McCook, NE                      (CT)      11:59p
  5:10a   960      Fort Morgan, CO (Sterling)      (MT)       8:40p
  7:35a  1038  Ar  Denver, CO  *                        Dp    7:25p
  8:05a        Dp   (Colorado Springs/Pueblo)           Ar    6:58p
 10:07a  1100      Fraser-Winter Park, CO                     4:10p
 10:37a  1113      Granby, CO (Rocky Mt. Natl. Park)          3:32p
  1:53p  1223      Glenwood Springs, CO (Aspen)  *           12:30p
  4:10p  1311      Grand Junction, CO  *                     10:43a
  5:58p  1417      Green River, UT                            8:19a
  7:25p  1488      Helper, UT (Price)                         6:57a
  9:31p  1563      Provo, UT                                  4:50a
 11:33p  1608  Ar  Salt Lake City, UT. *           (MT) Dp    3:45a
 11:59p        Dp   (Pocatello/Boise/Ogden)             Ar    3:15a
  3:21a  1871      Elko, NV                        (PT)       9:40p
  6:13a  2013      Winnemucca, NV                             7:05p
  8:55a  2199      Sparks, NV  *                              4:09p 
  9:14a  2202      Reno, NV  *                                3:58p
 10:15a  2237      Truckee, CA (Lake Tahoe)                   2:43p
 12:26p  2301      Colfax, CA                                12:26p
  1:35p  2336      Roseville, CA                             11:40a
D 2:15p  2353      Sacramento, CA  *                         11:14a
D 2:46p  2367      Davis, CA                                 10:36a
D 3:28p  2411      Martinez, CA (San Joaquin Trains)          9:54a
  4:49p  2438  Ar  Emeryville, CA (San Francisco)  (PT) Dp    9:15a

D -- Stops only to discharge passengers.
M -- Passengers not carried locally between Naperville and Chicago
     except when connecting to/from another Amtrak train.
* -- An Amtrak Vacation Destination.  Visit the Amtrak Vacations site
     for details.

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Thruway Motorcoach Connections

Casper - Cheyenne - Denver(Powder River)

    6        5             Connecting Train Number                     5        6    
  8106     8105            Thruway Number                            8205     8206
                 miles                                                            .
                    0  Dp  Casper, WY                           Ar            3:30a
 10:30a   10:15p           Douglas, WY                               3:50a    
 11:40a   11:20a           Wheatland, WY                             2:40p    
  1:15a    1:30a           Cheyenne, WY                  (MT)       12:10p   12:30a
  2:25p    2:40a   42      Fort Collins, CO                         11:00a   
  3:20p    3:40a           Greeley, CO                              10:00a   
  4:00p    4:20a   71      Longmont, CO                              9:23p 
  4:40p    4:50a   87      Boulder, CO                          Ar   8:45p   
  5:00p    5:10a  114  Ar  Denver, CO-Union Station * (MT)      Dp   8:15   10:30p 

Denver - Vail - Glenwood Springs(Greyhound Lines)

  8805    8905             Thruway Number                       8706    8806
                miles                                                       .
  6:10p            0  Dp  Denver, CO-Union Station  *   (MT)    4:55p
  7:24p   8:50a   71      Frisco, CO                           P3:20p   7:50p
  8:45p P 9:30a  100      Vail, CO                             P2:45p   7:10p
         10:40a  160  Ar  Glenwood Springs, CO  *    (MT) Dp            6:00p

D -- Stops only to discharge passengers. 
P -- Stops only to receive passengers.

Boise - Twin Falls, ID - Ogden - Salt Lake City (Greyhound)

             6          Connecting Train                     5
  8441     8447         Thruway Bus Number                 8440     8446
  Daily    Daily        Days of Operation                  Daily    Daily
 10:35p   11:10a  Dp  Boise, ID-Greyhound Sta. (MT)   Ar   8:05p    6:50a
 11:55p   12:30p      Mountain Home, ID-Greyhound Sta.     6:25p    5:55a
  1:30a    2:00p      Twin Falls, ID-Greyhound Station     4:50p    4:20a
  5:15a    5:45p      Ogden, UT-Greyhound Station         12:55p   12:30a
  6:00a    6:30p  Ar  Salt Lake City, UT-Greyhound    Dp  12:01p   11:45p

Salt Lake City - Las Vegas (Greyhound Lines)

  8453             Thruway Number                  8456     8458
  Daily           Days of Operation                Daily    Daily
        miles                                                   .
  8:30a    0  Dp  Salt Lake City, UT   (MT)  Ar    3:10p    7:00a
                    Greyhound Station
  9:25a           Provo, UT                        2:15p    6:05a
  2:15p           St. George, UT       (MT)        9:40a    1:25a
  2:05p           Mesquite, NV         (PT)        7:15a
  3:30p  206  Ar  Las Vegas, NV        (PT)  Dp    5:40a   10:10p
                    Greyhound Sta.

Connecting Local Services

CTA connections to Chicago Airports
  • Midway:Orange Line elevated trains leave from the elevated stationat the corner of Quincy and Wells streets,three blocks east of Union Station.Pay fare in elevated station.
  • O'Hare:Blue Line subway trains leave from the subway stationat the corner of Clinton and Congress streets,two blocks south of Union Station.Pay fare in subway station.
Regional Transit light rail & bus:(303) 299-6000;
Salt Lake City
Utah Transit Authority (UTA)TRAX (light rail) & bus:(801) 287-7425;
Regional Transitlight rail & bus:(916) 321-2877;
San Francisco Bay Area
  • Caltraincommuter rail service between San Francisco andAmtrak's San Jose stationwith stops at San Mateo,Palo Alto and other intermediate peninsula cities.Peak hour service also operated betweenSan Jose, Morgan Hill and Gilroy.(650) 508-6455 or, in Northern California (800) 660-4287;
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)connects San Francisco and the East Bay:(415) 989-2278;
  • San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI)streetcar, cable car & bus service in San Francisco:(415) 673-6864;
  • Alameda-Contra Costa Transit Districtbus service in the East Bay:(510) 839-2882;

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Superliner® Services on the California Zephyr

  • Coaches: Reservations required.
  • Sleeping cars:First Class Superliner Service
    • Reservations required.
    • Amtrak's Metropolitan Lounge® availablein Chicago for First Class Service passengers.
  • Dining Car:Complete meals.
  • Sightseer Lounge Car: Sandwiches, snacks and beverages.
  • Entertainment:Feature movies.
  • Trails and Rails Program:In a cooperative effort with the National Park Service, volunteer rangers provide a narrative between Grand Junction and Denver (Spring/Summer).
  • On-Board Guide Program: California State Railroad Museum narrators provide historical and sightseeing commentary between Reno and Sacramento. Visit for details.
  • Smoking -- Smoking is prohibited on this train. Passengers may smoke on station platforms as announced by train crews, and must remain next to the train, ready to board immediately upon hearing the locomotive horn and verbal "All Aboard" calls.
  • Baggage:Handled at Chicago, Mt. Pleasant, Omaha, Denver, Glenwood Springs, Salt Lake City, Reno, Sacramento, Davis, Martinez, Emeryville and San Francisco (Ferry Building only).

Scenic Highlights

  • One of the most popular scenic trains
  • Rocky Mountains/Moffat Tunnel
  • Colorado's Gore, Byers and Glenwood Canyons
  • California's historic Donner Pass and High Sierras

Click here for service and travel information from Amtrak's WWW page. Links above also take you to Amtrak's page.

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