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Schedule effective: April 2, 2007

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Amtrak's San Joaquin Service

Reservations required.


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Southbound San Joaquin trains

Train Number R702 R712 R714 R716 R704 R718 Days Operated Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily miles Oakland 0 Dp 7:30a 10:05a 1:05p 5:50p Emeryville 5 7:40a 10:15a 1:15p 6:00p Richmond 13 7:50a 10:25a 1:25p 6:10p Martinez 32 8:23a 10:58a 1:58p 6:43p Antioch-Pittsburg 50 8:42a 11:17a 2:17p Sacramento Dp 6:35a 4:25p Lodi Dp 7:15a 5:05P Stockton Dp 7:30a 9:20a 11:52a 2:56p 5:20p 7:37p Modesto 107 8:04a 9:49a 12:21p 3:25p 5:54p 8:10p Denair 123 8:23a 10:03a 12:35p 3:38p 6:07p 8:24p Merced 146 8:46a 10:31a 12:59p 4:03p 6:31p 8:51p Madera 183 9:17a 11:02a 1:36p 4:39p 7:07p 9:23p Fresno 204 9:50a 11:35a 2:10p 5:10p 7:40p 9:55p Hanford 234 10:23a 12:11p 2:44p 5:46p 8:14p 10:28p Corcoran 251 10:39a 12:27p 3:00p 6:02p 8:30p 10:44p Wasco 289 11:15a 12:55p 3:33p 6:36p 9:01p 11:15p Bakersfield 315 Ar 11:58a 1:46p 4:11p 7:21p 9:383p 11:56p
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Northbound San Joaquin trains

Train Number                   R711      R701      R713      R715      R717      R703
Days Operated                  Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily
Bakersfield        100  Dp     4:55a     7:15a    10:15a     1:20p     3:45p     6:01p
Wasco              126         5:22a     7:42a    10:42a     1:47p     4:12p     6:37p
Corcoran           164         5:54a     8:14a    11:18a     2:23p     4:48p     7:12p
Hanford            181         6:12a     8:32a    11:36a     2:41p     5:06p     7:30p
Fresno             211         6:50a     9:10a    12:20p     3:20p     5:50p     8:06p
Madera             232         7:11a     9:34a    12:41p     3:41p     6:11p     8:29p
Merced             269         7:45a    10:08a     1:20p     4:19p     6:49p     9:05p
Denair             292         8:06a    10:34a     1:42p     4:41p     7:12p     9:27p
Modesto            308  Dp     8:23a    10:49a     1:57p     4:56p     7:27p     9:45p
Stockton           334  Ar     8:58a    11:20a     2:30p     5:30p     8:05p    10:15p
Lodi               350  Ar              11:34a                                  10:29p
Sacramento                              12:30p                                  11:25p
Antioch-Pittsburg              9:33a               3:05p     6:01p     8:36p           
Martinez           383        10:00a               3:31p     6:25p     8:58p
Richmond           402        10:25a               3:56p     6:50p     9:24p
Emeryville         410  Ar    10:43a               4:13p     7:13p     9:48p
Oakland            415  Ar    10:55a               4:25p     7:25p    10:00p

San Francisco connection from trains at Emeryville

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Other connecting services

BART rapid transit service available from Richmond to Oakland, San Francisco, Daly City, Dublin/Pleasanton, Fremont, Concord, and intermediate points.

California Car Services on board San Joaquin trains

  • Coaches -- Reservations required.
  • Cafe service -- Sandwiches, snacks, and beverages.
  • Railfone -- Public telephone service available on most trains.
  • Checked baggage -- Handled on all trains at Los Angeles (except 711 and 718 connecting bus), Bakersfield, Hanford, Fresno, Merced, Modesto, Stockton (Amtrak Station), Sacramento, Martinez, Emeryville, Oakland, and S.F. Ferry Building.
  • Bicycles:
    • All trains are also equipped with a limited number of bike racks -- passengers may bring bicycles as un-boxed baggage.
    • Available first-come, first-served -- no reservations or service charge.
    • Unboxed bicycles may be put in the bin under connhecting thruway motorcoaches.
    • Boxed bicycles may be checked as baggage.
  • Smoking -- Smoking is not permitted on San Joaquin trains
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