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Schedule effective: April 2, 2007

Reservations required on all trains. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.


Amtrak's Southwest Chief

Chicago -- Kansas City -- Albuquerque -- Los Angeles

Reservations required.

Scenic Highlights along the route.
Connecting Services.
Services on this train.

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    3                        Train Number                          4
  Daily                   Days of Operation                      Daily
Read Down                                                       Read Up
         miles                                                       .
  3:15p     0  Dp  Chicago, IL--Union Sta. *         (CT)  Ar    3:20p
                    (Madison--see below)
P 3:50p    28      Naperville, IL                              D 2:14p
P 4:39p    83      Mendota, IL                     @             1:21p
P 5:01p   104      Princeton, IL                   @             1:00p
P 5:53p   162      Galesburg, IL--S. Seminary St.               12:10p
  6:57p   220      Fort Madison, IA (Keokuk)                    11:11a
  8:06p   298      La Plata, MO (Kirksville)       @             9:57a
 10:11p   437  Ar  Kansas City, MO *                       Dp    7:45a

   313                Connecting Train Number                     314
  4:30p     0  Dp  St. Louis, MO *                   (CT)  Ar    6:25p
 10:25p   283  Ar  Kansas City, MO *                       Dp   12:50p

 10:55p   437  Dp  Kansas City, MO *                       Ar    7:26a
 12:32a   477      Lawrence, KS                    @             5:49a
  1:09a   503      Topeka, KS                                    5:20a
  3:25a   638      Newton, KS (Wichita)                          3:01a
  4:00a   671      Hutchinson, KS                  @             2:21a
  6:00a   782      Dodge City, KS                  @            12:34a
  6:45a   832      Garden City, KS                   (CT)       11:35p
  7:06a   932      Lamar, CO                       @ (MT)        9:15p
  8:15a   985  Ar  La Junta, CO                            Dp    8:23p
  8:30a   985  Dp  La Junta, CO                            Ar    8:13p
  9:50a  1066      Trinidad, CO                    @             6:16p
 10:56a  1089      Raton, NM                                     5:17p
                    (Pueblo, Colo. Spgs, Denver--see below)
 12:38p  1200      Las Vegas, NM                   @             3:30p
  2:24p  1265      Lamy, NM                                      1:45p
                    (Santa Fe--see below)
  4:10p  1332  Ar  Albuquerque, NM *               @       Dp   12:40p
  4:40p        Dp   (El Paso--see below)                   Ar   12:17p
  7:03p  1505      Gallup, NM                      @ (MT)        8:41a
+ 7:45p  1633      Winslow, AZ                     @ (MST)     + 5:59a
+ 8:45p  1691  Ar  Flagstaff, AZ * (Grand Canyon,  @       Dp  + 5:01a
+ 8:52p        Dp   Phoenix--see below)                    Ar  + 4:56a
+ 9:28p  1721      Williams Jct., AZ (Gr. Cyn Ry)% @           + 4:20a
+11:41p  1864      Kingman, AZ                     @ (MST)     + 2:03a
 12:44a  1931      Needles, CA (Lake Havasu City,  @ (PT)       12:56a
                    Laughlin, Las Vegas--see below)
  3:34a  2100      Barstow, CA                     @            10:26p
  4:13a  2137      Victorville, CA                 @             9:40p
  5:37a  2184      San Bernardino, CA                            8:29p
  5:48a            Riverside, CA                                 8:03p
D 6:29a  2230      Fullerton, CA                                 7:20p
  8:15a  2256  Ar  Los Angeles, CA *                 (PT)  Dp    6:45p
                    (Las Vegas--see below)

D -- Train stops only to discharge passengers.
P -- Train stops only to receive passengers.
@ -- Tickets cannot be purchased at this location.
* -- Amtrak Vacations package(s) available at this destination.  Book your
     hotel and/or tour by calling 1-800-321-8684.
% -- Free shuttle service between Williams Grand Canyon Railway station
     and Williams Junction.
+ -- This location does not observe Daylight Saving Time.  Local time will
     be one hour earlier from the first Sunday in April to the last
     Saturday in October.

All stations and/or platforms except Mendota and Princeton are accessible to disabled and elderly passengers. Please call 1-800-USA-RAIL to make special arrangements when boarding/detraining assistance is required.

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Connecting Services

Amtrak Thruway Connections:

Arizona Thruway Connections

Williams - Williams Junction:

Free Shuttle Service - Reservations Required

 B6903   B6804        Thruway Bus Number                   B6803  B6904
 Daily   Daily        Days of Operation                    Daily  Daily
             miles                                                    .
 9:10p   4:15a  0  Dp Williams, AZ                    Ar   9:30p  4:35a
                       -Grand Canyon Railway Station
 9:20p   4:05a  3  Ar Williams Jct, AZ                Dp   9:40p  4:25a
                       -Amtrak Sta.                                   .
   3       4           Connecting Train Number               3      4 

Grand Canyon - Flagstaff/Williams:

 BR8571   7903    BR8573          Train or bus Number                R8570    7904     R8572
  Daily   Daily    Daily          Days of Operation                  Daily    Daily    Daily 
                        miles                                                              .
                              Dp  Grand Canyon, AZ              Ar
 10:15a            5:45p   0        -Maswik Transport Sta (MST) Ar  10:15a             4:45p
          4:00p                     -Railway Station                         12:15p
 10:30a            6:00p          Tusayan, AZ                       10:00a             4:30p
                                    -Imax Theater
 11:30a   6:15p    7:00p  49      Williams, AZ-GCR Sta.              9:00a   10:00a    3:30p
 12:00n            7:30p  79  Ar  Flagstaff, AZ   (MST)         Dp   8:30a             3:00p
                                 -Amtrak Sta.                                              .

R -- Reserved thruway bus.
% -- Free shuttle service between Williams Grand Canyon Railway station and Williams Jct.
     For schedule, see below - For more information and to purchase tickets, see the
     Grand Canyon Railway Web.
Busses operated by Open Road Tours.

Flagstaff - Phoenix:

Connecting Train Number                    3
                                        Greyhound  < - - - - -Open Road Tours- - - - - >
Thruway Bus Number                        B8703    B8561   B8563   B8559   B8565   B8567
Days of Operation                         Daily    Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily
Flagstaff, AZ              (MT)
   -Amtrak Station                0  Dp            4:30a   7:30a   9:45a  12:30p   3:30p
   -Greyhound Station   12:30a    0  Dp  11:20p
Camp Verde, AZ -Taco Bell        50  Dp            5:30a   8:30a  10:45a   1:30p   4:30p
Phoenix, AZ
   -Metro Ctr Transit Station   143  Ar            7:00a  10:00a  12:15p   3:00p   6:00p
   -Sky Harbor Airport          145  Ar            7:30a  10:30a  12:45p   3:30p   7:00p
   -Greyhound Station     (MT)  145  Ar   2:05a                                       


Connecting Train at Flagstaff                                                     4
                                        < - - - - -Open Road Tours- - - - - > Greyhound
Bus Number                              B8560   B8562   B8558   B8564   B8566   B8704
Days of Operation                       Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily   Daily
Phoenix, AZ                   (MT)
   -Greyhound Station              Dp                                            1:55a
   -Sky Harbor Airport             Dp   9:30a  11:30a   2:30p   4:30p   7:30p
   -Metro Ctr Transit Station      Dp  10:00a  12:00n   3:00p   5:00p   8:00p
Camp Verde, AZ - Taco Bell         Dp  11:30a   1:30p   4:30p   6:30p   9:30p
Flagstaff, AZ
   -Amtrak Station            (MT) Ar  11:30p   2:30p   5:30p   7:30p  10:30p
   -Greyhound Station              Ar                                           11:01p

B -- Amtrak Thruway bus.

Operated by Greyhound Lines

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Thruway Motorcoach Connections

Kingman - Laughlin - Las Vegas

  R5003            Thruway Bus Number                     R5004
  Daily            Days of Operation                      Daily
    3              Connecting Train                         4
         miles                                                .
  11:50p    0  Dp  Kingman, AZ - Amtrak       MST    Ar   1:30a
  12:50a   31  Ar  Laughlin, NV - Ramada Exp.  PT    Dp  12:30a
   3:10a  124  Ar  Las Vegas, McCarran Apt     PT    Dp  10:45p
Operated by Commuter Carriers.

Los Angeles - Las Vegas:

Thruway Bus Number                           R8534   R8536   R8538
Days of Operation                            Daily   Daily   Daily

Los Angeles, CA-Union Sta.   (PT)    0  Dp  10:10a   3:40p   6:10p
Las Vegas, NV-Greyhound Sta. (PT)  271  Ar   4:00p   9:30p  11:50p

R -- Reserved thruway bus.

Thruway Bus Number                            R8533   R8535   R8543
Days of Operation                             Daily   Daily   Daily

Las Vegas, NV-Greyhound Sta. (PT)    0  Dp    8:50a  11:50a   4:50p
Los Angeles, CA-Union Sta.   (PT)  271  Ar    2:55p   5:40p  10:35p

R -- Reserved thruway bus.

Operated by Greyhound Lines.

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Lamy - Santa Fe:

Lamy Shuttle Service van meets Trains 3 and 4 daily. From Lamy to Santa Fe, advance reservations required; call 1-800-USA-RAIL or (505) 982-8829. From Santa Fe to Lamy, shuttle will pick up at your hotel; call (505) 982-8829 the day prior to departure to arrange pickup. 

Commuter Rail Connections

H3>Superliner® Services on board the Southwest Chief
  • Coaches -- Reservations required.
  • Sleeping Cars:
    • Reservations Required
    • First Class Superliner Service.
    • Deluxe, special, family, and economy bedrooms.
    • First Class Service includes complimentary meals, bedtime sweet, and morning wake-up service with a newspaper, coffee, tea, and orange juice served between 6:30 AM and 9:30 AM.
    • Amtrak's Metropolitan Lounge is available in Chicago for First Class passengers.
  • Dining Car -- Complete meals. A limited menu is available on Train 4 departing Los Angeles and Fullerton and on Train 3 the morning arriving in Los Angeles.
  • Sightseer Lounge Car: -- Sandwiches, snacks and beverages.
  • Entertainment: -- Feature movies.
  • Trails and Rail Program -- In a cooperative effort with the National Park Service,volunteer rangers provide a narrative between LaJunta and Albuquerque (Spring/Summer).
  • On-Board Guide Program: -- On the Southwest Chief, Native American Guide provides commentary in the Lounge between Albuquerque and Gallup. Visit for details.
  • Baggage -- Checked baggage service available at Chicago, Kansas City, Newton, LaJunta, Raton, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, San Bernardino, Fullerton, and Los Angeles.
  • Smoking -- Smoking is prohibited on this train. Passengers may smoke on station platforms as announced by train crews, and must remain next to the train, ready to board immediately upon hearing the locomotive horn and verbal "All Aboard" calls.

Scenic Highlights

  • Cross the mighty Mississippi River
  • Travel past wheat fields, ranches, missions, pueblos, mountains, and deserts
  • Thruway connections between Lamy and Santa Fe, and Williams and the Grand Canyon

Click here for service and travel information from Amtrak's WWW page. Links above also take you to Amtrak's page.

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