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Schedule effective: October 30, 2006

Reservations required on all trains. See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit for reservations and fare information.

Amtrak's Cascade Corridor Service

Vancouver, BC - Seattle - Tacoma -
Portland - Salem - Eugene

Featuring Talgo Service

Reservations required for all trains and Thruway
motorcoaches between Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC.

For more information on Cascade services and amenities, you can also see the Cascades web site: Washington DOT website.

Click here for complete schedule for Coast Starlight service to/from Los Angeles.


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South to Portland and Eugene
Train Number                     XR501     HR503      R11      R513      R507
Days of Operation                Mo-Sa      Su       Daily     Daily     Daily
Connecting Bus Number                                8911                8907
                     miles                                                   .
Vancouver BC            0  Dp                      B 5:45a             B 8:45a
Richmond, BC           12                         PB 6:05a            BP 9:15a
Surrey BC              29                         PB 6:35a            BP 9:45a
Bellingham WA          58                                     10:25a                   
Mt Vernon-Burlington   84                                     10:53a
Everett WA            123                                     11:36a
Edmonds WA            138                                     12:00n
Seattle WA            156  Ar                      B 9:15a    12:45p   B12:30p
Seattle WA              0  Dp    7:30a     8:00a    10:00a      --->     1:45p
Tukwila WA             15        7:44a     8:14a     ----                1:59p
Tacoma WA              40        8:18a     8:48a    10:53a               2:33p
Olympia-Lacey WA       72        8:55a     9:25a    11:39a               3:10p
Centralia WA           94        9:18a     9:48a    12:02a               3:33p
Kelso-Longview WA     137        9:57a    10:27a    12:48p               4:12p
Vancouver WA          176       10:32a    11:02a     1:29p               4:47p
Portland OR           186  Ar   11:00a    11:30a     2:05p               5:15p

Thruway Bus Number               5501      5503      Thru                Thru
Portland OR                Dp  B11:15a   B11:40a     2:25p               5:30p
Oregon City, OR       202        ----      ----      ----                5:51p
Salem OR              239      B12:15p   B12:30p     3:37p               6:37p
Albany OR             267      B12:55p   B 1:05p     4:10p               7:06p
Eugene OR             310  Ar  B 1:40p   B 1:55p     5:03p               8:05p
                                                  Los Angeles
B -- Amtrak Thruway Bus.
H -- Train will also operate 11/24, 12/26, and 1/2.   
P -- Stops only to pick up passengers.
R -- Reservations required on this train/bus.
X -- Train will not operate 11/24, 12/26, and 1/2.

Train/Bus Number              B5505     R509      B8957     R517
Frequency                     Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily

Connecting Bus Number                   8909  
Vancouver BC           Dp             B12:30p   B 5:00p     6:00p
Richmond, BC                         PB 1:00p   B 5:30p	    ----
Surrey BC                            PB 1:30p   B 6:00p     ----
Bellingham WA                                               7:35p
Mt Vernon-Burlington                                        8:03p
Everett WA                                                  8:46p
Edmonds WA                                                  9:10p
Seattle WA             Ar             B 4:30p   B 8:30p    10:05p
Seattle WA             Dp               5:25p
Tukwila WA                              5:39p
Tacoma WA                               6:13p
Olympia-Lacey WA                        6:50p
Centralia WA                            7:13p
Kelso-Longview WA                       7:52p
Vancouver WA                            8:27p
Portland OR            Ar               8:52p                    
                       Dp   B 6:00p     9:00p
Oregon city, OR               ----      9:219
Salem OR                    B 7:00p    10:07p
Albany OR                  DB 7:35p    10:36p
Eugene OR              Ar   B 8:25p    11:35p                   .

B -- Amtrak Thruway Bus.
D -- Stops only to discharge passengers.
P -- Stops only to pick up passengers.
R -- Reservations required on this train/bus.

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North to Seattle and Vancouver

Train/Bus Number                R510      B8948     R500      R504      R506
Frequency                       Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily
                     miles                                                  .
Eugene OR               0  Dp                       5:45a     9:00a
Albany OR              43                           6:28a     9:43a 
Salem OR               71                           6:57a    10:12a
Oregon City, OR       108                           7:39a    10:54a
Portland OR           124  Ar                       8:20a    11:35p
                           Dp                       8:45a      --->    12:30p
Vancouver WA          134                           9:03a              12:48p
Kelso-Longview WA     173                           9:36a               1:21p
Centralia WA          216                          10:17a               2:02p
Olympia-Lacey WA      238                          10:37a               2:22p
Tacoma WA             270                          11:17a               3:02p
Tukwila WA            295                          11:48a               3:32p
Seattle WA            310  Ar                      12:15p               4:00p

Thruway Bus Number                                  8900              
Seattle WA              0  Dp   7:45a   B10:45a   B 1:15p                --->
Edmonds WA             18       8:13a
Everett WA             33       8:37a
Mt Vernon-Burlington   72       9:19a
Bellingham WA          98       9:52a
Surrey BC             115              BD 1:15p  BD 4:00p  
Richmond, BC          132              BD 1:45p  BD 4:30p
Vancouver BC          156  Ar  11:40a   B 2:15p   B 5:00p                   .

B -- Amtrak Thruway Bus connection.
D -- Stops only to discharge passengers.
R -- Reservations required on this train/bus.

Train/Bus Number           R516      B8906      R14      B5528     R508  
Frequency                  Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily     Daily

Thruway Bus Number                                                 5508
Eugene OR             Dp                      12:44p   B 1:45p   B 2:50p 
Albany OR                                      1:30p   B 2:35p   B 3:40p 
Salem OR                                       2:03p   B 3:10p   B 4:15p
Portland OR           Ar                       3:40p   B 4:15p   B 5:25p
                      Dp                       4:05p               6:15p
Vancouver WA                                   4:28p               6:33p
Kelso-Longview WA                              5:09p               7:06p
Centralia WA                                   5:55p               7:47p
Olympia-Lacey WA                               6:17p               8:07p
Tacoma WA                                      7:05p               8:47p
Tukwila WA                                                         9:17p
Seattle WA            Ar                       8:30p               9:45p

Thruway Bus Number                             8914
Seattle WA            Dp   5:30p   B 6:00p   B 9:00p
Edmonds WA                 5:58p      			
Everett WA                 6:22p
Mt Vernon-Burlington       6:54p
Bellingham WA              7:55p
Surrey BC                          BD8:20p  BD11:20p
Richmond, BC                       BD8:50p  BD11:50p
Vancouver BC       Ar              B 9:30p  B 12:20a                   .

B -- Amtrak Thruway Bus connection.
D -- Stops only to discharge passengers.
R -- Reservations required on this train/bus.

Vancouver - Seattle Thruway service provided by Western Trailways.
Portland - Eugene Thruway service provided by Oregon Coachways.

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Connecting Train/Thruway/Marine Services


  • Sounder commuter rail service connections at Seattle, Tukwila, and Tacoma. Click here for schedules and other information.

Amtrak Train/Thruway Connections

Notice: Connections are available in Vancouver, BC to Pemberton, Nanaimo, and Victoria. Contact Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL for information and reservations.

Connecting Alaska Marine Highway Services

In addition to Amtrak, Bellingham's multi[modal transportation facility serves the vessels of the Alaska Marine Highway. service is available to Ketchican, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, Sitka, Haines, and Skagway. For information and reservations call 1-800-642-0066 (TDD/TTY 1-800-764-3779) or visit their website.

Talgo services on the Cascades: (Trains 500 - 517)

  • Coaches -- Reservations required.
  • Cascades Business Class:
    • Reservations required.
    • Deluxe coach seating.
    • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and newspaper.
  • Dining car -- Complete meal service on Trains 510 and 517.
  • Lounge/Bistro -- Sandwiches, snacks, and beverages on all trains.
  • Entertainment -- Feature movies and music.
  • Railfone -- Public telephone service on all trains.
  • Baggage -- Baggage handled at Vancouver (BC), Seattle, Tacoma, Centralia, Vancouver (WA), Portland, Salem, Albany, and Eugene on most trains on most trains and some connecting thruway buses.
  • Smoking -- Smoking is prohibited on these trains.
  • Bicycles:
    • Racks available for unboxed bicycles on Trains 500 through 517.
    • Reservation required; service charge applies.
    • The passenger brings the bicycle to and picks up from the baggage car.
    • Some connecting Thruway busses also carry bicycles - consult agent.

Superliner® Services on the Coast Starlight: (Trains 11 & 14)

  • Coaches -- Reservations required.
  • Sleeping Cars:
    • First Class Superliner® Service.
    • Reservations required.
    • Includes complimentary food service.
    • Amtrak's Metropolitan Lounge® available in Portland for First Class passengers.
  • Dining Car -- Complete meals.
  • Sightseer Lounge -- Sandwiches, snacks and beverages.
  • First Class Lounge -- The Coast Starlight service features the Pacific Parlor Car that has a library and offers snack and beverage service.
  • Entertainment: -- Feature movies, games and hospitality hour.
  • Children's Play Room:
    • Games, activities, and movies.
    • Parental supervision required,
  • Baggage -- Checked baggage: Handled at Seattle, Tacoma, Centralia, Vancouver (WA), Portland, Salem, Albany, Eugene.
  • Smoking -- Smoking is prohibited on this train.
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