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Amtrak's Washington - Oregon - Idaho Service

Cascade Corridor connections to Ashland, Bend, Boise, Coos Bay, and Newport.
These bus schedules are provided as referance only and may change seasonally.
See your travel agent, call 1-800-USA-RAIL for latest schedules and connecting trains.


Note: See Cascade Corridor for connections at Seattle, Portland, and Albany.

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Washington-Idaho Train/Bus Services

[Washington - Idaho Service]

Wenatchee - Omak, WA

  8868            Thruway Bus Number            8865 
  Daily           Days of Operation             Daily
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        miles                                       .
  2:30p       Dp  Wenatchee, WA      (PT)  Ar   9:15a
  4:00p           Pateros, WA              Dp   8:05a
  4:10p           Brewster, WA                  7:50a
  4:45p           Okanagan, WA                  7:20a
  5:00p       Ar  Omak, WA                 Dp   7:10a

Operated by Northwest Stages.

Portland - Astoria

  5764            Thruway Bus Number            5751
  Daily           Days of Operation             Daily
  R507            Connecting Train              R504
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         miles                                       .
  6:00p    0  Dp  Portland, OR       (PT)  Ar  10:15a 
  6:35p   28      Manning, OR              Dp   9:25a
  7:05p   55      Elsie, OR                     8:55a
  7:15p   65      Necanicum Jct, OR             8:45a
  7:30p   80      Cannon Beach, OR              8:35a
  7:50p   88      Seaside, OR                   8:25a
  7:55p   91      Gearhart, OR                P 8:15a
  8:05p  100  Dp  Warrenton, OR               P 8:06a
         104      Astoria, OR - 
  8:15p  106  Ar    Mini Market                 8:00a
  8:30p       Ar    Transit Center         Dp   7:45a

R -- All reserved train.

Operated by Oregon Coachways

Seattle - Part Angeles

  8830     8836           Thruway Bus Number         8837     8837
  Daily    Daily          Days of Operation         Daily    Daily
  R507     R506           Connecting Train/Bus       R507     R509
    Read Down                                           Read Up
                  Miles                                          .
  1:15p   6:00p    0  Dp  Seattle, WA                9:55a   4:35p
  2:00p   7:00p   48      Edmonds, WA                9:15a   3:45p
  3:05p   7:55p   74      Kingston, WA               8:20a   2:40p
                          Hood Canal, WA
  3:25p   8:15p   85      Discovery Bay, WA          7:35a   2:10p
  3:55p   8:45p  131      Sequim, WA                 7:10a   1:45p
  4:20p   9:15p  138  Ar  Port Angeles, WA (PT)  Dp  6:45a   1:15p
R -- All reserved train.

Operated by Olympic Bus Lines

Portland - Pendleton - Boise

  8455            Thruway Bus Number       8450
  Daily           Days of operation        Daily
  R509            Connecting Train         R500     
Read down                                 Read up
                        miles                  .
 11:40p    0  Dp  Portland, OR    PT  Ar   5:45a
                    Greyhound Sta.
 12:50a   62  Ar  Hood River, OR      Dp   4:35a
  1:20a   83      The Dalles, OR           4:05a
  3:51a  208      Pendleton, OR            1:10a
  5:05a  259      La Grande, OR           12:01a
  5:55a  304      Baker City, OR  PT      10:35p
  8:45a  374      Ontario, OR -   MT      10:15p
                    Pilot Truck Stop
  9:40a  417      Nampa, ID                9:20p
 10:10a  435  Ar  Boise, ID       MT  Dp   8:50p
                 Greyhound Sta.                .
R -- All reserved train.

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Portland - Grants Pass - Medford

  8141    8153            Thruway Bus Number       8128
  Daily   Daily           Days of Operation        Daily
  R501    R507            Connecting Train        R14,R28
    Read down                                     Read up
 12:05p   6:35p    0  Dp  Portland, OR -  PT  Ar  12:25p
                            Greyhound Sta.  
  4:05p  10:45p  182      Roseburg, OR             8:40a
  5:20p  12:05p  250      Grants Pass, OR          7:20a
  6:40p   1:20a  279      Medford, OR              5:50a

R -- All reserved train.
Amtrak Thruway motocoach services in the above two tables are operated by Greyhound Lines. These schedules arrive and depart at the Greyhound stations in all cities. In Portland, the Greyhound station is located across the street from the Amtrak station. Greyound departures will be announced in the Amtrak Portland station. Passengers may also walk across to the Greyhound station and listen for the Greyhound boarding call for their departure.

Albany - Corvallis - Newport, OR

  8575    8551            Thruway Bus Number                     8552    8514
  Su-Fr   Daily           Days of Operation                      Su-Fr   Mo-Sa    
  R507  5501/5503         Connecting Train/Bus                            R14  
    Read down                                                      Read up  
                miles                                                        .
  8:55p            0  Dp  Portland, OR                  PT  Ar   8:00p
 10:40p               Ar  Salem, OR                              6:50p
 11:10a   2:25p           Albany, OR                        Ar   6:00p   7:25a  
 11:30p   2:45p           Corvallis, OR - Greyhound Sta.         5:40p   7:10a  
 12:30a   3:55p           Toledo, OR - Dairy Queen               4:40p   6:10a  
 12:40p   4:00p       Ar  Newport, OR - Greyhound Sta.  PT  Dp   4:30p   6:00a

R -- All reserved train.

Service is provided by Valley Retriever Bus Lines.

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