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Railroad Blotters

A Railroad Collectible for Any Budget

So what did the railroads decide to print on these blotters? Below are a few examples ranging from railroad logos, train schedules, regional sports schedules, route maps, equipment and even a big baked potato. You are invited to view an on-line slide show of my collection. New blotters are added when I acquire them.

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Doesn't get more "Plain Jane" then this logo only blotter.
Schedules were a theme of many blotters.
What better way to show your route then a map on the blotter?
Regional information like this 1937 Big Ten Notre Dame Football schedule are unusual.
The Association of American Railroads are the most common blotters you will find. They were prolific in releasing blotters with railroad information, and also pushing their sponsored radio shows.
Fancy die cut blotters are very desirable.
Because of the combined size of these images we have broken the slide shows down into smaller faster loaded groups.

 New blotters added to slide show 26-Sep-2006 

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